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Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation


Includes Personalized Treatment Plan, Limited-Time Promotion

Single Implant

Single Implant

$1,995 Exclusive to Implant Placement. Comprehensive Oral X-Ray Included
Dental Crown

Dental Crown


Crafted On-Site, Same-Day Service

Implant Abutment

Implant Abutment


Utilizes State-of-the-Art Precision Technology

Aggregate Cost

Aggregate Cost


We leverage cutting-edge techniques for dental implants to ensure enduring quality results


Initial Consultation


Includes Personalized Treatment Plan, Limited-Time Promotion

One Non-Metallic Zirconia Implant


Solely for Implant Placement. Comprehensive Oral X-Ray Included

Zirconia Implants

Non-metallic Zirconia implants are gaining favor for their compatibility with bone and gum tissues, presenting a holistic choice for patients seeking an implant that complements their overall well-being. The shift from traditional titanium to Zirconia implants is driven by factors such as aesthetics, hypoallergenic properties, robustness, comfort, and a streamlined surgical process.

Non-Metallic Dental Crown


Crafted On-Site, Same-Day Service with a Metal-Free Option

Titanium implants can sometimes lead to cosmetic concerns, particularly in cases of gum recession or naturally thin gums, where a grayish hue might be visible at the gum line. Zirconia’s white, metal-free composition ensures a more seamless and natural appearance.

Zirconia Implant Abutment


Traditional titanium implants consist of two metal components connected by a screw, which can shift under pressure, potentially creating spaces for bacterial growth. Zirconia implants boast a singular, innovative structure that eliminates this issue. The ceramic design remains stable post-implantation, reducing the risk of infection.

Complete Cost


Patients who opt for non-metallic Zirconia dental implants often report a more efficient implantation experience and enhanced comfort. Zirconia’s durability also promotes better functionality post-operation, increasing the likelihood of long-term implant success.

Patient Testimonial

Dental Implants

A Long-Term Tooth Loss Solution

The Durability of Dental Implants

Dental implants are renowned for their longevity, often exceeding 25 years with proper maintenance. Their lifespan is influenced by:

A dental implant acts as a sturdy foundation for a replacement tooth and involves a surgical procedure that demands a high level of dental expertise. In Portland, periodontists with the capability to perform this procedure are sought after for their specialized skills. The implant is placed into the jawbone, where it bonds with the bone over time, providing a stable base for a dental prosthetic.

The Durability Of Dental Implants
Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Dental Implants?

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants?

Candidates for dental implants should be in good dental health. Factors that determine suitability include:

The body’s acceptance of an implant is critical for the success of the surgery, and patients must meet all necessary criteria to minimize the risk of implant rejection.

The Dental Implant Process

The dental implant journey involves several key steps:

The Dental Implant Process
Types Of Prosthetics For Implants

Types of Prosthetics for Implants

After implant placement, various prosthetic options can be attached:

Recovery and Osseointegration

Recovery time varies, but the key to success is achieving osseointegration, where the implant fuses with the bone. This process can take several months, after which a permanent prosthetic is attached.

Indicators of successful osseointegration include the absence of movement, pain, bleeding, and bone loss. While the dental implant procedure is not considered major surgery, the time allowed for the implant to bond with the bone is critical.

In Portland, Dr. Raleigh Pioch and his team are dedicated to ensuring the stability and longevity of dental implants, providing meticulous care throughout the implantation process. If you’re seeking cosmetic dental services in Portland, Dr. Pioch’s expertise and attention to detail can offer reassurance and quality results.

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