Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Raleigh Pioch

Oregon’s Dental Implant Expert

Certified in Dental Surgery, Dr. Raleigh Pioch is renowned for his proficiency in full mouth restorations, specializing in veneers, crowns, bridges, root canals, and implant procedures. He is the innovator behind the SmileRevolution™ 1-Day Implant Solution and the SmileEvolution™ Progressive Implant Solution.

As the entrepreneurial force behind Revolution Dental Implant Center and Pioneer Dental Group, Dr. Pioch's roots trace back to Oregon. He holds a Physiology degree from Michigan State University, where he also contributed as a central player for the Spartan football team, mentored by esteemed coaches such as Nick Saban and George Perles.

Dr. Pioch's dental credentials were earned at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, followed by a residency at the University of Toledo Medical Center. Post-residency, he established Dental West Associates in Salem, Oregon. Dr. Pioch, alongside his wife Katie and their six children, maintains a life rich in dental passion, with hopes of diversifying his interests further as time progresses.


Dr. Drew Phillips

Oregon’s Dental Implant Expert

Dr. Drew Phillips has consistently strived for excellence throughout his academic and professional dental career. Originating from the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Phillips pursued his undergraduate studies at Rollins College in Florida, where he could also indulge in his passion for competitive water skiing. There, he not only earned a bachelor's degree in health communications but also led their top-tier water ski team as a two-time captain and was honored as the student-athlete of the year.

After Rollins, Dr. Phillips excelled at the Dental College of Georgia, earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree as the class Valedictorian. He further honed his skills in complex dental procedures, implants, and sedation techniques during a General Practice Residency at the Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs Hospital. Before his move to Boise, Dr. Phillips gained valuable experience in California, specializing in digital dentistry and full arch implant surgeries, including the All-on-4 technique. With licenses in four states, Dr. Phillips continues to share his expertise, traveling to California and Oregon to collaborate with, perform, and educate other dentists in these sophisticated dental practices.

Dr. Taylor Mullaney

Oregon’s Dental Implant Expert

Dr. Taylor Mullaney graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Oregon University in 2017, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in BioMedicine with a minor in Chemistry and from Oregon Health & Science University with a doctorate in Dental Medicine in 2021. With a commitment to academic excellence, he embarked on a journey to transform smiles and lives. Today, Dr. Taylor is a dedicated practitioner in the art of restoring full-arch dental implants. His passion for precision and patient-centered care shines through as he combines his exceptional educational background with his expertise in dental implantology to create confident, healthy smiles for all his patients.

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