New Teeth In Just One Day

New Teeth In Just One Day

Cost of Immediate Tooth Replacement in Portland

Four-Implant Denture


Enjoy a no-cost, half-hour consultation for All On 4 Implants or other Denture Implant options.

All-on-4 Zirconia Single Arch

4 Implant Denture

Secure a new acrylic/hybrid denture with four implant anchors. Financing options available with no initial payment, $209 per month over a 48-month period.

All-on-4 Zirconia Double Arch

All On 4 Dental Implants

Receive a permanent set of Zirconia/Acrylic/PMMA teeth, starting with a new temporary denture. Financing options available with no down payment, $210 per month over a 90-month period.

Financing Details

Before and After

Embrace every day with a smile

The provisional tooth, crafted from acrylic, is tailored to match the shape and hue of your natural teeth, offering a realistic look and feel. This temporary solution remains in place throughout the 3-month healing period, during which the bone integrates with the implants and the gums are molded to complement the final appearance of your replacement tooth. Most patients can resume their daily routines promptly.

Embracing Every Day with a Smile in Portland
Prompt Tooth Replacement Solutions in Portland

Immediate Action Required

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, such as from a sports injury, immediate implant placement might be feasible. Swift action is necessary, as the gum can start to heal into the socket within a few days, potentially complicating immediate implant placement.

Natural Appearance

The temporary teeth are designed to look authentic and remain fixed in place until the implant has sufficiently healed to support the final permanent crown.

Natural-Looking Dental Solutions in Portland
Benefits of New Teeth in Just One Day


Opting for an immediate implant can significantly cut down the waiting time for your new tooth. It also reduces the number of dental visits and the overall cost associated with preparatory work and surgical procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions on Immediate Tooth Replacement

Immediate loading refers to the process of attaching a provisional crown to a dental implant shortly after its insertion. This temporary crown is designed to avoid contact with opposing teeth and serves primarily aesthetic purposes.

Candidates ideal for this procedure are generally in good oral and overall health. Suitability may be affected if you smoke, have immune system issues, or have conditions that impair healing. High doses of bisphosphonate medications, especially those administered intravenously for cancer treatment, can also disqualify you due to the increased risk of bone necrosis post-surgery. However, those on lower doses for conditions like osteoporosis typically do not face this increased risk.

Same day dental implants offer the benefit of immediate aesthetic restoration. They also allow for the shaping of the surrounding soft tissue in preparation for the final crown, potentially reducing overall treatment time since the abutment and temporary crown are placed simultaneously.

Immediate Tooth Replacement Solutions in Portland
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