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As a premier dental implant and full restoration facility, our dental office serves the Portland, OR community and patients nationwide. We pride ourselves on integrating cutting-edge practices with comprehensive milling, 3D printing, and digital technology, all facilitated by our advanced on-site laboratory.

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Invest in Zirconia Permanent Teeth for $20,995 per arch – an all-encompassing price with accessible payment plans. Zero down, 90-month terms, subject to credit approval. Hurry, this offer ends on November 10, 2023.

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Dental implants offer a reliable method for replacing missing teeth, designed to seamlessly integrate without altering adjacent teeth

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Zygomatic implants offer a specialized solution for patients with insufficient jawbone for traditional implants. 

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All On 4 Implants

Bid farewell to the inconveniences of dentures with our full mouth dental implant restoration. Dr. Raleigh Pioch, our surgical specialist, is adept at providing patients with a seamless transition to a radiant, natural-looking smile, often achievable within a single visit.

Dental Implant and Crown

Dental Implant And Crown

Acting as a new tooth root, a dental implant is the ideal solution for teeth lost to decay or injury. These implants are a superior alternative to conventional dentures, offering greater comfort and simpler maintenance.

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Failed Dental Implant Treatment

For those with significant bone loss, Zygomatic Dental Implants are a game-changer, providing a direct, graft-free path to stability. These longer implants anchor into the zygoma, bypassing the need for additional surgeries.

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Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic Dental Implants are a breakthrough for patients with severe bone loss, offering an immediate fix. Their anchorage in the zygoma, or cheekbone, allows for a straightforward procedure without the need for bone grafting.

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Zirconia implants

Zirconia implants serve as a holistic option to traditional implants, offering an aesthetic edge with no risk of discoloration at the gum line. The newer two-piece systems enhance customization for superior results.

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New Teeth In A Day

Our immediate load dental implants, or same-day implants, allow for the placement of a temporary crown right after extraction, streamlining the entire process to just one appointment.

Ectodermal Dysplasia Dentistry Feature Image

Ectodermal Dysplasia Dentistry

Ectodermal dysplasia can present unique dental challenges, which is why our specialized periodontist is equipped to handle the intricacies of this genetic disorder.

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Missing Teeth

Restore your smile, speech, and eating abilities with our state-of-the-art dental prosthetics, designed to bring back function and aesthetics to your oral health.

Before initiating any dental service, our dental office will present you with a detailed treatment plan, including a comprehensive fee breakdown. We ensure you’re fully informed about the costs before any procedure begins. Payment is due at the time of service.

Financial Solutions for Your Dental Needs

Our dental office understands the importance of timely healthcare treatments, which is why we offer the GreenSky Patient Solutions® Program. This program allows you to proceed with your desired treatments without delay. We encourage you to inquire about GreenSky during your visit.

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Flexible Financing with Proceed Finance Image

Flexible Financing with Proceed Finance

With Proceed Finance, you can access no-collateral loans featuring competitive rates and extended financing options, making it easier to commit to your dental treatments. Feel free to ask our team about Proceed Finance when you come in.

Diverse Payment Policies & Options

To accommodate the financial needs of our patients, Portland Implant dental office provides a variety of financing choices for both implant and cosmetic dentistry services. We accept all primary forms of payment, including major credit cards, checks, and cash. Additionally, we offer dental and medical payment plans and can assist in setting up a payment account for those who need guidance.

We strive to deliver exceptional service at an affordable price, which is why we request payment at the time of your appointment. Nonetheless, we do accept direct insurance billing from most dental insurance providers. Please note that certain procedures may necessitate a deposit prior to service.

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